Assuming that I would get a net of $10,000,000 – there will be some things I would want to do with that money. Most of it will go into an investment account which will generate most of my monthly income. However, other things will include purchasing apartment building, and having the top floor as my private residence. I will also get dental implants, and pay the registrar fee for my domains for a long time. Other options will include online learning which will cost a bit. While I will expect to live comfortably on my investment account, the other purchases will eat at the windfall. However, all will be worth it. All together, the total is $9,500,000. The remaining $500,000 will be used for any additional charges, and to fund my checking account

Apartments: $1,500,000
Auto: $75,000
Domains: $15,000
Emergency Fund: $30,000
Full Sail University: $35,000
Gifts: $100,000
Investment Account: $7,500,000
Medical: $15,000
Pizza Shop: $230,000