Something I am confident that my insurance won’t cover will be dental implants. Due to a history of bad teeth, I am missing some uppers. Dentures were never successful with me. If I had a large sum of money, one of the things I would do will be to just get dental implants. The reasons for this would be obvious.

In addition, I will need new specialized shoes. Each pair will cost $750, and I will likely acquire two pair. One will be for the indoors, while the other pair will be for the outdoors. This will help in keeping my residence as clean as possible.

Next, I will get a Vasectomy. While I am not sexually active, if the choice arose, I would rather not reproduce as I would not wish to pass down my medical issues to any offspring. If I was to find Ms. Right, then there could be an option for adopting a child.

Last, I will consider getting Lasik surgery to correct my vision to as close to 20/20 as possible. Again, as with the dental implants, I would doubt that insurance will cover such a procedure. I will still wear sun glasses when outdoors.