With assuming there will be no garage, I will not be able to get an electric vehicle. With that in mind, I will likely get myself the Ford F-150 Raptor. I will get many of the options to maximize the functionality of the truck. With this in mind, the truck will cost about $90,000. It will be able to seat the driver + 4 people. After-market options will include tinting (maximum allowed), custom license plate, VIN etching on the windows, and other aftermarket upgrades. For insurance, I will have liability as I will be able to buy a new truck if this one was to get totaled.

The F-150 will be the only vehicle I will need. It will take me to any shopping I will need to do, take me to doctor’s appointments (when I have confidence in parking). I will not allow anyone to drive my truck, nor will I allow smoking in the truck. The ashtray will be used exclusively for coinage.