I will acquire an abandoned home. Once acquired, I will get an architect involved with the design of the building. I will assume three upper floors + basement. The house will be a minimum of 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and 2 lavatories. The basement will be services in, and storage. The first floor will be living space. The second floor will be bedrooms and the bathroom, and the third floor will be an home office. The roof will host a TV antenna, and solar panels for electricity.

The first floor will have a living room with a hookup for television, and networking. The kitchen will have a table, refrigerator, and electric stove. There will also be a microwave oven which will do much of the cooking. On this floor will also be a lavatory. This will eliminate the need to have to go to the second floor to defecate.

The second floor will have 2 bedrooms, and a Jack & Jill bathroom. Both bedrooms will have a safe for allowing of storing items of value. There will also be RG6 coaxial, and RJ45 ethernet for network connectivity. The bathroom will have a tub and shower to give maximum flexibility for choices.

The third floor will be the home office, and a lavatory. The home office will support a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone line + FOIP (Fax Over Internet Protocol). The phone line will serve the home office only. This is because there is actually little need for a home phone line with a cellular phone line available. However, since I have the financial security and resources to do much of what I will want, it would be simple to choose to have such options in the home office. There will be multiple RJ45 connections since there will be a printer, an ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter), and likely other network connected devices.

On the outside, the sidewalk will have a Snow Melt system which will bring the ground temperature to 55°F (about 13°C). This will be more than enough to melt the snow and ice without demanding too much of resources (using geothermal). This will give me the option to live in my home in my later years, and not have to worry about shoveling. I will also assume for on-street parking.

I will assume a home to cost me $250,000 by buying an abandoned home, and renovating it. I will assume the value of the home will be closer to $400,000. Equity matters very little to me since I have no intention in putting my home up for collateral on a loan. With this in mind, I would actually prefer a lower equity due to property taxes.