Why $10 Million?

Some people might be asking why $10 Million. Why not $1 Million, or $100 Million? The rationale is simple. This is the smallest windfall that I will feel comfortable with receiving, and still live a reasonably good lifestyle. Here is the thing, it is all about the investment. I am guessing on a low end, after all of the fees and taxes, I will generate $1,000 per month for every $1,000,000 invested. My plan calls for $8,000,000 which will generate $8,000 per month. This is just shy of a 6 figure income. Assuming that I have a $10 Million Windfall, it will be nice to enjoy that money. In order for me to enjoy it, I have to be making enough to cover my needs, and stabilize the resources for my wants. Going throughout this site will provide to you how I spend the rest of the $10 Million. With $8,000,000 in investments, this will mean $2,000,000 would have been spent or saved.